Finally... your music gets the digital feel it deserves.

A True Digital Album

Why spend the hard-earned time and money crafting your latest musical work only to have it chopped up and presented as small cover image and song list on some digital music store? Now, you have a choice. Choose not to be dumped into a library and shuffled like a playlist.

Your Own Personal Dev Team

I've been a musician all my life. I get what you do and how much your work means to you. I wrote BatPass for my band Bat Lanyard's new record, Campfires. When you BatPass your new record, it will get the personal care and attention it deserves. I remember the thrill of opening my new record as a BatPass app. I want you to share in that amazement with your own record.

Creative Control

Present your album digitally as you originally intended: as an album. All the lyrics, liner notes, photos and even video you'd use for your cd or vinyl are all contained and presented within your app. Enjoy the advantages of digital with links to your web site and social media. All while preserving your record as a complete work.


Simple steps to get your next record onto the Apple App Store as a BatPass:

Upload Your Content

Purchase the BatPass, fill out the provided Graphic Template and upload to the provided Dropbox we give you. You may update content right up to the day the app is submitted to the App Store.

We Code

We work directly with you from start to finish to make sure creating your app is the greatest experience it can be. An album release is an exciting time for all involved and we want to share that with you.

Sell Your App

We'll submit your app for you through your Apple Developer account ($99/yr.) or hand it off to you to let you handle it. You'll have total control over pricing, App Store details and all financials. We guide you through it from start to finish.