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Audio Player

Your Album Playlist

The audio player tab shows your cover art at the top and your song list on the bottom. Individual play and lyric buttons allow the needle to be dropped in any order, but the player will also auto-play the next song as well as continue playing if the phone display sleeps.

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Media Page

Photos and Videos

A cd or vinyl jacket can have photos, lyrics and liner notes printed on it. You can do the same on this screen with BatPass, giving your fans photos and videos that take them inside the creative process.

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Credits Page

Traditional Liner Notes

The credits page is where you all of the non-lyric content around making your record. Added bonus are buttons to link to social networking and a download of the album (optional) in any format you choose.

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Lyric Pages

Each Song Gets a Lyric Page

Each song on the audio player page has a link to the lyrics of that song. Very similar to reading the lyrics off of a cd booklet, the lyrics page is an elegant presentation of your meaningful work.

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iTunes Store Page

Sell From Your Existing Catalog

A link on the credits page (optional) takes your fan to your content on the Apple iTunes Store. It's an awesome way to get them interested in your previous releases and allows them to buy other works from you on the spot.

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Vimeo Player

From Photos and Videos

Physical liner notes are wonderful to browse when you first put on a new record. BatPass takes it a step further by allowing your fans to pull up your video content from the Vimeo service. The possibilities are endless.

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Custom Tab Icons

Use the Defaults or Your Design

Customize the icons on the tab bar at the bottom to whatever your designer has created. We provide a broad template for all of the assets in BatPass that you can change to fit the style of your release.

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Your Look and Feel

Free Up Your Creativity

Every graphic element is customizable in BatPass to make sure the app fits the look and feel you were going for with your album packaging. Very simple design guidelines will be provided for you or your designer to follow. (Extra charges apply if we do it for you.)