A new way to release digital music.

You recorded your album as a complete work. Present it that way.

BatPass presents your album digitally the way a cd or vinyl does in the physical world: as a complete work with lyrics, liner notes, photos and other details included.

Your fans get an amazing experience with your BatPass app. They launch it, begin playing a song and are free to lose themselves in the liner notes just as we all enjoyed with cds or vinyl.

Developed by me. Now directly for you.

I wrote BatPass to release my band's latest record, Bat Lanyard's Campfires. I was fed up with the current options for digital release and determined NOT to have two more huge boxes of cds gathering dust in my garage. Unsold sucks. BatPass solves that issue and presents your album in a unique, awesome way with your design.

When you buy BatPass for your next digital release, we work directly together to make it happen. I'll give you a place to upload all of your assets needed for the app, and you let me know where your photos and videos are hosted so that I may link them up. Very simple, very smooth.

Share the Studio From The Cloud.

BatPass gets all of the data for the app from a BaaS Cloud service, Parse.com. Set up a Parse account and I'll take care of everything for you.

By doing things this way, you have the flexibility to add or remove content at any time. This flexibility is one of the unique features of the BatPass experience. Parse.com is easy to use, but if you me to manage your data, let's discuss the requirements first and work something out.

Your own personal app developer - from app start to App Store.

When you purchase BatPass you're buying my 15+ years as a professional in the IT industry. I'll take you from app inception to the Apple App Store and handle any future updates if needed.

Any updates to the app to keep it compliant with new versions of iOS are included in the purchase. Custom screens or enhancements unique to your project will require additional development cost.

Submit your album to the App Store.

As your developer, I will handle submitting your app through your Apple Developer account ($99 per year, paid to Apple - required).

App's have profiles that allow them to run on devices. These are generated from the Developer account, so all app submissions must be made through your account.

Change digital music for good

Give your fans something new and radically different from downloads. Rescue your work from the drab obscurity of someone's digital library. Get yourself out of the shuffle list (with the in-app option to let your users download song files if you wish).

Hands-on customer support

We work directly with you from start to finish to make sure creating your app is the greatest experience it can be. An album release is an exciting time for all involved and we want to share that with you.

Fully native app

We're committed to bring the highest quality app experiences to life. Apps built on BatPass™ are 100% native, not a mobile web site.